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Ethne offers exclusive hand-made pieces, created by talented artisans from all around the world. In turn, it is essential to hold on to good relationships. We do everything in our power to provide for our customers in the best way possible, therefore we have an exchange and return policy that respects the client, and adheres to the Brazilian Consumer Protection Code. 

General Rules

The exchange or return process of a product must be discussed directly with the sales representative relative to the purchase made through WhatsApp, or through e-mail on [email protected]

The communication must observe the allotted return or exchange time, predisposed on this Agreement Policy.

Attention! Return or exchanges will not be accepted in the absence or damaging of items/accessories from the package, or if the allotted time expires, or if there was no previous notification. In those cases, the package shall be resent without previous consultation.

Return by dissatisfaction, withdraw or defect

In the case of dissatisfaction or withdraw; in addition to the procedure described in item 2, the following conditions must be followed:

In case the client wants to exercise their right of dissatisfaction or withdraw, the client may cancel the purchase within 7 days, even if there’s no justification. In this case, the client may request return of the value of payment of the product. Or even, the exchange for another product, receiving or complementing the price difference, if there’s any. To request exchanges of product or credit for future purchases the deadline for a future purchase is 30 (thirty) days starting at the day of the package’s arrival.

In the case of a defective product; in addition to the procedure described in item 2, the following conditions must be followed:

The client may claim defect on a product within 30 (thirty) days, to be counted starting on the date the package arrives. In case the defect is irremediable, the client has the plain right to demand exchange by another product of the same specifications or opt to cancel the purchase. In case the client wants to exchange the defective product by one of the same specifications but the particular model isn’t available, the client may choose another product of different specifications, receiving or complementing the final price’s difference, if there’s any.

The counting of dates and deadlines above starts the moment the client receives the product.

Conditions for returns and exchanges

The client may exchange or return the product(s) purchased, considering the follow conditions:

(i) The products must present the tag and seal of the store;

(ii) The products must be inside their original packaging, alongside its accompanying accessories, including, for exemplarily: Protecting bags for shoes and jewelry, warranty and flyers;

(iii) The products may not be taken to wash or present indication of use, for example, odors, stains, imprint, furrow and sewn adjustments;

All products received will be subject to evaluation with the goal of making sure the exchange fills the prerequisites stipulated on this Policy.

Considering the exchanged product fulfills the prerequisites stipulated in this here Policy, the client shall, in case of returns, be reimbursed of their expenses with the product. 

In the case of exchanges, the client will receive, by email or whatsapp, all exchange information on the new product, considering that, in case the price of the chosen product exceeds the price of the claimed product, the client must provide the payment’s difference.

In the case of exchanges or returns not being according to this Policy, the product will be returned to the client, accompanying a copy of the quality evaluation made and, in this case, the client will not be reimbursed. 

In the case of returns, the value will be reimbursed according to the payment method utilized in the occasion of the purchase.

Expenses with taxation

The expenses of the shipment tax for returns and exchanges inside the due dates stipulated in this here Policy will be Ethne’s bearing. For all purchases, there’s a cupom of gratuitous postage to the client to send the commodity to be exchanged or returned through a Correios post-office agency.